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RDRN Type Rotary Gear Pump

RDRN Type Rotary Gear Pump

We are flexible in offering the product basket in the committed time span as we have advanced logistics facilities available. With the aid of diligent professionals and smart packaging system, we can easily render bulk and customized packaging requirements of the patrons. Also, we ensure that the packed lot has shock sustainability to circumvent loss during transit.


Overview : From 1/2. to 6" NB Size (Flanged to ASA 150 Class)Capacity, From 0.5 TO 200 WTI, Pres-up to 11 Kaden, Viscosity up to 1,00,000 - est, temperature - up to 110110ºC

  • Compact
  • Economical
  • Low Noise



  • Herrigbone rotos design eliminates side thruts.
  • Modified tooth profile enhances the tooth life.
  • Floating gear-design ensures uniform load distribution.
  • Low-leakage path by design improve volumetric efficiency.
  • Extra thick shaft reduces bending effectively.
  • Sleeve on shaft make maintenance economical & easy.


Pump Characteristics : Gear pump is a rotary positive displacement pump with positive pressure characteristics. The capacity of the pump varies directly with speed but remain constant against pressure, however due to running clearance between the casing & impeller some liquid always by-passes to suction causing sleep, which depends upon the differential pressure, viscosity of the liquid & ofcourse the workmanship. The pumps are capable of handling any vcosity, the sleep reduces with viscosity but the viscous power increases. The punp has a self-priming capability however some net positive suction head (NPSH) is always required to avoid cavitations depending upon the viscosity of the liquid to be pumped & the pump speed.


Internal power losses : The internal power losses in rotary pumps are of two types. The mechanical losses is the power necessary to overcome frictional drag of all the moving part within the pump While viscous losses is power requited to overcome fluid viscous drag & shearing action of the fluid, this can be computed from the graph on the opposite side.


H.P. calculation : The break horse power required to drive a rotary pump is sum of the theoretical HP & internal losses. The theoratical power is the actual work done in moving the fluid from inlet port to out let pressure condition & is product of Constant C=0.037, Capacity in cub. Mt./hr. & Pressure Kg/Sq. Cm or Constant=2.39, Capacity in us GPM & Pressure in PSI.


Pump Selection & uses : The bush bearing type of pump can be used for clean viscous liquid having sufficient lubricating value such as clean tube oil, Vegitable oil, Fish & Animal oil, Gear oil, Glycerine Hydraulic oil, Honey,ASMI & SAE lubricating oil for intermittant duty. However for continues duty pump with needle roller bearing in 'RDRN' series should be selected. For liquid having low viscosity,poor lubricating values or Containing dirts or impurities such as Crude oil, Dirty lube oil, HSD,Kerosene,LDO,Paints, Sugar solution, Turpentine, Varnish, WoodPulp. Pump with independently lubricated bearing should be selected. For liquid which tends to solidify at room temperature such as Ashphalt, Bituman, Fumace oil, Tar, Cellulose, Starch, LSHS, HPS, Molasses, Naptha, Phenol resin, RFO, Silicate, Soap solution,Viscous,Wax etc. Jacketing constructions hould be selected to facilitate the heating or the pump by steam or thermic fluid.


Inspection & testing : All Pumps are individialy tested for its performance as per JIS B-8312-1976. Third party inspection is also offered to following agencies with whom we are already registesed as an approved supplier of these pumps.


Pump Motor Coding

  • Sign # Indicates Pump Size - 5-short, 6-medium, 7-long
  • Sign @ Indicates Pump Type - 0-RDRB, 1-RDRBJ, 2-RDRN, 3-RDRNJ, 4-RDRX, 5-RDRXJ
  • Sign * Indicates Motor Type - W-NON-Flame Proof, X-Flame proof motor

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