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Chemical Transfer Pumps – Its Multiple Uses In The Various Industries

Posted by Admin on February, 19, 2022

By meaning, a chemical transfer pump is any kind of pump that safely transfers and distributes chemicals among a system, be it a positive displacement pump or centrifugal pump. Chemical transfer pumps are not to be jumbled with chemical process pumps, or pumps used for the process of chemicals by mixing them, heating/cooling them, or some other procedure. A chemical transfer pump supplied by the Chemical Transfer Pump Manufacturers Gujarat was used in union with a chemical process pump to carry out a process.

Though water is technically a chemical, a water transfer pump is usually not considered to be a chemical transfer pump. This is because the casing and workings of a chemical transfer pump are often assembled with highly resilient materials that can withstand toxic, corrosive, or otherwise hazardous media.

What is the difference between chemical transfer pumps and Dosing Pumps?

The process of dosing comprises adding small amounts of chemicals or medicines to a procedure fluid at timed intervals to give adequate time for the chemical or medicine to react. Dosing can also include adding chemicals or medicine to an atmosphere, and the pumps are a significant part of the process.

Chemical transfer pump applications

Chemical transfer and dosing pumps are used in a range of applications, not just in the chemistry industry acquired from the reliable Chemical Transfer Pump Exporter. For example, these sorts of pumps are used in swimming pools to add chlorine at adequate levels. They are also used in boilers and power stations to insert chemicals at numerous stages of the process, comprising helping to regulate water pressure. In HVAC systems, these pumps help varieties and fill the chemicals required for the process, such as Freon. Inhibitors may also be added to defend the pipes and components against decay. In other scenarios, a biocide may be combined to end the development of bacteria in systems with lower temperatures.

Further industries that use chemical transfer pumps comprise:

Aerial spraying




Food processing



Oil and gas


Pulp and paper


Slurry processing

Water treatment

What are the Pro’s and con’s of chemical transfer pumps?

Chemical transfer pumps are a vital tool for the handling of dangerous chemicals in many industries. Whether they are used for the transportation of chemicals or to help in chemical reactions, the pumps need to be able to handle these chemicals proficiently and with care to evade any damage that can occur to the nearby system or if it comes in contact with personnel. As a consequence, these pumps often come with a larger price tag, which is worth every penny but makes them a poor selection for handling non-hazardous or non-essential media.

Qualities of the Chemical Transfer Pump Supplier in India

Offering quality and durable products

Trade-in multiple ranges of products

The company has shaped an extensive business across the country

Offering the top realistic prices

Capable of supplying anywhere in the country

Having coordinated distribution network

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