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Fire Fighting Foam Pumps Are A Safer Way Of Fighting Fires

Posted by Admin on November, 29, 2021

A fire pump is a machine that helps to increase the pressure of the water supply for fires that are fixed to one place. It is used in association with fire sprinklers, standpipes and foam systems.

Fire pumps can also be seen as an integrated part of fire trucks and fireboats that have the purpose of enhancing water supply to the firefighting hose that carries the water. Its purpose is to increase the pressure of the water supply from a tank that is full of water.

Firefighting Foam

With the modernization in technology, nowadays water is not always used to douse fires. They can be done with firefighting foam. It is basically used to suppress fires and bring them under control.

The function of the system is very simple. It helps to cool down the fire and daub the fuel, thereby cutting off the oxygen supply. Once the oxygen supply is cut off, automatically the fire douses. This magical foam was first invented by a Russian engineer and chemist named Aleksandr Loran in 1902.

Components Of Firefighting Foam

There are various components that make up firefighting foam. One is the surfactant that must be less than 1% concentration-wise and the others are organic solvents like trimethyl-trimethylene glycol and hexylene-glycol, foam stabilizers and corrosion inhibitors.

As water is not suitable for extinguishing every kind of fire, foam was invented. It is suitable for electrical fires and fires from oil spills. Thus firefighting foam is used by firefighting foam pumps. There are now many Fire Fighting Foam Pump Manufacturers In India who supplies good quality pumps.

Foam Firefighting Pumps

Fire Fighting Foam Pumps are internal rotary gear pumps. It is a sort of positive displacement pump that makes use of a rotor and idler gear assembly to render the flow of the foam. This assembly of rotor and idler gear is counterbalanced using a bow adjacent to the inner gear. All this is set within an outer gear.

As the rotor gear moves the idler gear, the space that is caused by the bow counterbalancing the gears and the interlocking gear teeth discharges the fluid or the foam to the discharging port. From there on it gets discharged. Some of the best foam pumps can be acquired from Fire Fighting Foam Pump Supplier Gujarat.

The Suitability Of This Type Of Pump

This type of rotary gear pump is suitable for discharging very viscous fluids. The more the viscosity of the fluid, the better is the displacement of the fluid from the pump. An internal rotary gear pump can handle fluids with a viscosity level of 100000 cSt. It is very suitable for discharging foam for firefighting.

Working Principle Of Firefighting Foam Pumps

The Fire Fighting Foam Pumps work on the positive displacement principle. The pump has a casing that holds the dual gear and bow assembly. As the rotor gear turns, the idler gear rotates with the teeth beginning to interlock accordingly.

This space between the gears and the interlocking action both draws in the fluid and displaces it. The crescent shape helps to balance the idler gear and make a seal between the suction and discharge ports.

India today has advanced considerably in this field with many Fire Fighting Foam Pump Exporters who have put India on the world map with great pride.

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