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Applications And Benefits Of Motorised Grease Pumps

Posted by Admin on August, 25, 2021

The grease pump is very effective in a manufacturing plant or a shop. GZ Type Motorised Grease Pump Manufacturer in India is something that people believe without over-thinking about it, but they must know its various components, applications, and inner workings. There are some best practices to adopt before using it.

As an example, you may notice the usage of multiple grease gun types that lead to incorrect output and cross-contamination as well. All your concern about grease guns will be covered in this chapter.

Types of Grease Pumps:

The Motorised Grease Pump Supplier Indiais categorised in various parts as per its characteristics and features. We can power it via air, hand-operation, or electricity. Apart from this, it can also be powered with a pistol grip or lever.

Every pump has its benefits and applications as per industrial operations and preferences. The major concern is raised on how to fill up the grease: by cartridge, suction, or bulk fill.

Level type: It is a very common grease pump that supplies around 1.3 grams of grease. It is forced through the tools by a manual process.

Pistol type: It is another manual grease pump that employs the hand pumping method. Hence it is quite common and delicate as it provides 0.9 grams of grease in the pump.

Pneumatic type: As the name suggests, it is operated via compressed air in the gun. It is triggered via each displacement of compressed air.

Battery Operated Pump: It is a battery-powered, low voltage pump that has almost the same functionality as the pneumatic pump. As it is cordless, it has numerous advantages and flexibilities.

The grease is extensively used as machine lubricant as it is clinging to the surface instead of leaking. Hence, we need separate refilling of grease in the machines, unlike oil-operated machines. You can easily understand its operation with the help of experts.
You need to know about its reliability and bearing techniques. Simple facts like under greasing, over greasing would enhance the service life of the machine.

Connectors in The Grease Pumps:

It comes with a standard adapter like a hydraulic coupler, but many are there as far as its applications are noted. The most applicable connector is the hydraulic coupler as there is no alternative to it.

For right-angle bending, you may have a suitable adapter for GZ Type Motorised Grease Pump Supplier Gujarat without any confusing working phenomenon. Even you may have a needle-fit adapter where you need to refill a very small amount of grease for delicate joints. Swivel jaws offer various position locking while refilling and connecting the parts in the pump.

Some of the best practices are:

• Decide the total grease amount by having proper calibration in the pump.
• For replacing old grease, you may use a vent plug to flush it. It reduces the high risk of accumulation of unwanted pressure.
• Be cautious while filling the grease so that there is no contamination.
• Make sure that you have an idea of the place where grease should be fitted.
• Clean and maintain the fitting very well before applying it.
Hence, it is quite simple and easy to maintaina GZ Type Motorised Grease Pumpbefore working on it.

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